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Current Collection

The majority of sculptures are handcrafted from a polymer resin specially designed for sculptures and finished with exterior UV metallic paint. Some of them, like the large mermaids are sold as carvings only. The whole collection has in common a detailed process completely handmade by Maykel from the sketch to the signature and final coat. Recent sculptures have a modern bubbles painting technique before the final touches, the signature and the shiny clear coat for protection and elegance. These are recommended for inside and outside as well. Strong enough for any outside weather but like most art pieces in this world doesn't have a lifetime warranty, but will need to be take care of and loved.

Connecting with the artist vision

Have you ever seen a piece of art and wonder what was in the artist mind while creating it? What am I really seeing here?

This is the artist point of view for "Ocean Calling" collection:

Definitely not a simple addition of shapes, materials and paints, but an intentional combination of nature, texture, color and a message for our generation and the ones to come. Maykel sketches a new sculpture for days until he captures what it feels as a real moment in life, somewhere in the vast ocean, an image that brings peace and happiness to him, so after finished can offer the same to everyone that stand in front of it. It's not only a time portion of the artist life or the summary of his work and learning but the mystery, beauty and powerful majesty of the world we are privileged to life on. Certainly, a world we should take care.

Call for availability 727.608.0804

Small Blue Stingrays

Perfect for small walls or select different sizes to make a family for medium size walls. Suitable for baths, porches, stoops and any indoor area.

Available in teal too.

Large 25" L 8,5" W x 1,5" H

Medium 18,5" L 7" W x 1,5" H

Small 13,5" L x 5,5" W x 1" H

Small Turtles

The family of tree fits in narrow spaces, in minimalist medium rooms or suits the perfect addition to your inspiring medium wall, just select your favorite size and display a hatching day at the beach.

Large 12" L x 15" W x 3" H

Medium 10.5" L x 12" W x 2,5" H

Small 8.5"L x 10.5" W x 2" H

Brown turtles are available by order, blue and teal are current ones.

Baby turtles available in blue and teal now. Brown ones by custom order.

Same sizes 5,5" L x 5" W x 1,25" H

Small Blue Sea Horses

A chic parade of beauty is what they will make your wall stand out for. They are cute and elegant with a modern painting style, soft and vibrant colors and an exquisite metallic finish. Available with a soft hint of gold instead of yellow and brown.

Large 25" L x 8" W x 1" H

Medium 18,5" L x 6,5" W x 1" H

Small 16" L x 6" W x 1" H

Small Teal Sea Horses

Safe for inside and outside walls.

Large 25" L x 8" W x 1" H

Medium 18,5" L x 6,5" W x 1" H

Small 16" L x 6" W x 1" H


"Love their movement" is everyone's complement, and the exact idea Maykel had designing her.

Observe her for a few seconds and you'll see her swimming.

23" L x 11" W x 0,5" H



”On Discovery”

It was designed as a versatile piece, can fit in narrow walls with one section of driftwood only and your favorite complement of fish, turtles, sea horses or stingrays. Actual color is antique white with shades of blue or teal.

Driftwood set of 3 _ available as individuals too. Not available at shows anymore.

Pompanos 4,75" L x 7,5" w x 1" H

Available facing right and left, in blue and teal.

2D Medium Blue Rays

This set is a favorite one. Popular in the collection for a mix of size and price that fits budgets and narrow walls like above doors, near ceilings or small condo rooms.

Like most of others has infinite display options as unique as your home.

These designs

Left ray/Small - 36" W x 14" L

Middle ray/Medium - 30" W x 18.5" L

Right ray/Large 40" W x 24" L

Mangrove snappers

The 3D rays are coming to the shows this year.


2D Medium Teal Stingrays

Teal shades goes from subtle like in these set to deep bright. We do both.

Left ray/Small - 36" W x 14" L

Middle ray/Center - 30" W x 18.5" L

Right ray/Large 40" x 24"


Medium Turtles

Sea turtles led lists of most loved ocean creatures of all times, and we're huge fans of them. Our way to honor their specie is to design and made them with the purpose to display a feast of nature, color and refined art in your home.

These are available by orders.


Right turtle 27" W x 21" L

Left turtle 27" W x 14" L

2D Angel Fish 3,25" L x 5,25" W


Medium Blue Turtles

Shell shows a fantastic candy color frozen splash technique that represents daylight rays' effects.

The candy blue and navy blue finish require an especial order.


Right turtle opened flippers 27" W x 21" L

Left turtle up flippers 27" W x 14" L



Ocean Queen

"Ocean Queen" is the image of a thousand words. For generations ecologists have been looking for arguments to educate us about the importance to take care each other in our planet. And besides the benefits we received from the ocean, the remarkable beauty of marine creatures speaks by itself. "Ocean Queen" shows the unique bony plates rings of sea horses at a big scale with a long-stylized tail, and for crown a chambered nautilus. The mermaid itself is the mystical and undiscovered wonders of the ocean.

She's a fabulous relief carving in cellular polyvinyl finished with metallic painting.

51" L x 21" W x 0.5" H


First Step

"First Step" marks a special moment in Maykel's portfolio when the chisel carving technique joined this collection adding textured lines in the leaf and smooth finishing in the body. Scales provide another type of texture too. This combination makes her so special, because Maykel didn't use the technique for over a decade until "Ocean Calling" was born, being the perfect scenario to blends his skills and creates something unique.

The seaweed was designed as detachable and optional addition for a modest view.

She's carved in a solid sheet of cellular polyvinyl and finished with a shiny metallic painting.

49" L x 22" W (seaweed add extra dimensions) x 0.5" H


Real Touch

"Real Touch" represents a preservation call to our generation. They are the ideal expression of respect and harmony that should be between humans and endangered species like rays. This world is strong enough to hold all of us but fragile to the point of destruction, we should re-evaluate our everyday impact on it.

They were hand carved individually in solid cellular polyvinyl of 1/2" deep and finished with a shiny metallic painting and the artist signature to transcend.

56.5" x 37" x 1.5"



Extra Large Turtle

Not only first-time divers but beach goers have in their bucket list adult sea turtles' sights.

They are amazing, a life memory to anyone that have seen them.

Maykel recreates the Mama turtle in a way that wow fans face.

She's really stunning and life size.

48" W x 34"L x 1" H



2D Large Blue Stingrays

Large size artwork is always impressive not matter the media, but these rays will catch your guest's attention and complement for sure. Not only the huge size, but the modern broken bubbles painting technique and the shiny metallic finish will make people to detail them for some time before looking for what are they doing or where are they. Look closely and you'll see what Maykel captured here; how their tail and bended wings design shows a peaceful swimming and the crushed glass the flying sand over fins in shallow waters.

This large set is designed to fit big walls, recommended for main and special areas like around stairs, living and dining rooms or above headboards. It's a great option like other rays for large asymmetric spaces like above doors and near ceiling and can be spread in big walls without looking lonely.

Left ray/Large - 56" W x 33" L

Middle ray/Center - 57" W x 29" L

Right ray/Small - 61" W x 36" L


3D Rays are coming to shows this year.


Flying Pelican

The texture combination in Maykel's pelicans is a mastered technique. All those carved feathers calm the artist eager to see it finished and express the patience for perfection in the sculpture.

Hand carving in solid polyvinyl.

This is a set of 3 pelicans and has unique hooks set up for celling hanging too, so you can display them flying at home.



Medium Dolphins

Our dolphins come in large and medium sizes like this one, in blue and teal as well and are suitable for indoor and outdoor. Everyone was sketched, carved and some were hand cast and hand painted with love and extremely care.

They are available in 2 different positions. More pictures coming soon


Large Dolphins

Hand carvings in solid polyvinyl.

Size of 6 feet each


Call for availability

Maykel 727.657.8287

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Maykel Medina

Cape Coral, FL

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